Be tutored by Victoria's top performing VCE graduates

Not only are our tutors subject specialists, they know how to study successfully and are passionate about passing on what they know so that you too can achieve your perfect score.

Our expert team  

We have a diverse group of tutors and qualified secondary school teachers, covering a wide range of subjects to meet every student's needs.


All of our tutors are pre-vetted and hand-picked from the top 1% of their respective cohorts, meaning they are highly gifted in what they tutor and have the skills to transfer this knowledge to students.


For a more experienced perspective, we also offer access to qualified secondary school teachers. Strike the perfect balance between hindsight and wisdom.

Raw 46+ Study Scores 
Scaled 50 Study Scores 
Premier's Award Recipients 
Experienced Teachers 

Any subject, any year level

Year 5 Mathematics, VCE Literature and everything in-between... we have you covered.

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Flexible locations & times

Our system is designed to work around the busy lifestyles of students and parents. 

Our tutors can travel to any location, including homes and libraries, but it's our online tutoring system that we think is truly special. 

Why online tutoring?

Access to a broader range of tutors

Eliminate travel time to increase efficiency 

Instantaneous and centralised tutorial notes

Increased time flexibility

Detailed notes to consolidate your learning 

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We're good with numbers


Subjects Covered 


Expert Tutors


Learning Hours

Key features


Online Calendars

All upcoming sessions will automatically be scheduled into your Google Calendar for easy tracking and management.


Assured Quality

All tutors are interviewed, have a Working with Children Check and participate in training programs to ensure their subject knowledge is always effectively communicated.


Stress-free Payments

All payments are online and require no transfers or cash. Automate the process through our system and make payments seamless. 


Advanced Security

Payment details and information is encrypted using military-grade software. 


Easy Rescheduling

Sessions can be rescheduled to whenever you like within a few clicks, as well as replacement tutors organised. 


Regular Communication

A range of booking confirmations, text reminders and texts from your tutor so that you're always kept in the loop.

Our quality commitment

We work hard behind the scenes so that every step of your journey with us is of the highest quality. 

Reliable Tutor Ratings 

Our tutors' results and experience speak for themselves, but their tutoring ability is backed by ratings from our community of students. 

Vetted and Tested 

After being hand-selected from the top 1%, all tutors are interviewed to check that their communication and content delivery skills are of the highest quality.  Additionally, all tutors have a working with children check (WWCC).

Our assurance of value


We offer a
FREE 20 minute
so you know exactly who you're working with.

Every student has different needs and ways of learning and we understand our tutors have different ways of teaching! So it only makes sense that you have the option to meet your tutor before you start your tutoring journey. 

Become familiar with the The Perfect Score experience while ensuring that you are compatible with your selected tutor
(or we will help you find another tutor)

Allows your tutor to create a highly individualised and tailored approach 

Set the benchmark and goals to effectively track and monitor your consistency and progress

Create an action plan to kick-start your academic success

Secure your spot

Our tutors have limited capacity! Leave your details to add your name to the 2022 reserve list.

Our bookings system will be fully operational on 8 January 2022. We will be in touch with you to lock in your tutor's details at this time.