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Private Tutoring

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Gain access to the best tutors in Victoria who can cover anything from Year 7 Maths to VCE Chemistry. 


Lecture Series

From $16/week

Gain access to the best content libraries anytime, anywhere! Experience a new mode of tutoring with our engaging, affordable and advanced self-paced lecture series.


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Our story

We are two young guys in our third year of university, who are passionate about changing up the tutoring industry. We both finished VCE in 2019 at the same school and were fortunate to do well with high ATARs, and one of us with a perfect score in English, and the other, in Further Mathematics.

In year 12, we had tutors for various subjects, as did many of our peers. We were frustrated by the quality of tutors on offer to our cohort and in fact, while many of them had achieved high overall ATARs, they often had not achieved high subject scores in the subjects they were tutoring.


We are conscious that not every student is able to access the quality of VCE education that we were lucky enough to enjoy. We believe that academic success shouldn’t be hampered by socio-economic circumstances and that’s why we want to help students from low ICSEA* schools. (*Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage).


The Perfect Score was born. Starting with...

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Thank you for joining us on our journey.


Rohaan Oberoi-Kearney and Liam Albrecht 








A fresh face in Australia's tutoring landscape

As two young entrepreneurs having both recently completing VCE, we wanted to offer students a more flexible and modern option for study help. One that we wished we had when we were in VCE.

In our first year, 2021, we grew very quickly. Because of the quality of our tutoring, and tech features and efficiencies. Meet our friendly and experienced student and teacher tutors here.

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Powered by technology to supercharge academic success

Some of our game-changing tech features include:

Simple and innovative booking software

Flexible and secure payment gateway

Advanced data tracking and analytics

A unique and inspiring rewards system

Insightful tutor ratings to guarantee quality 

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Your ultimate companion for study success

We are not your standard tutoring company.

We believe academic success can be enhanced by a combination of learning materials and techniques. Whether you're a visual learner, a rote learner, new to the tutoring game and everything in-between... we can help you reach your academic potential. ​


Stress-free and seamless payment 


Automated booking calendars


Powerful student insights, analytics and reports 


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